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What Matters In Ticketing Now!

What We Learned and How To Use It In Your Organization!

Hosted by
David Wakeman
February 26th | 10:00 EST | Show in my timezone

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Here is What You'll Learn

Take Action On New Ideas!

Don't fall victim to "We've Always Done It This Way!"

Use the ideas in our ebook to consider new directions!

Why Being Customer Focused Is Essential

Many organizations say they are "customer obsessed" but being focused on the customer is essential to success in today's world of more entertainment choices and greater competition for people's discretionary spending.

Dave's 5 Key Takeaways

Readers of Dave's 'Talking Tickets' newsletter know that Dave has a unique perspective on the world of tickets.

Learn the 5 most important takeaways Dave has from What Matters In Ticketing Now!

How To Find New Revenue Opportunities

Hidden in every interaction is the chance to "wow!" your guests, but also to generate additional revenue at the same time.

We will show you how many of these ideas in the ebook will also lead you to new and more revenue opportunities!


About Dave Wakeman

Dave Wakeman is a writer, speaker, consultant, and teacher.

Dave’s energy, ideas, and focus on getting to the nerve of a business are at the heart of his brand.

His work touches the intersection of strategy, marketing, and ideas.

Dave is a keynote speaker and has spoken to audiences around the world on the topics of community, change, innovation, and strategy.

Over his career, companies large and small have trusted him to get them to a new level of success, a new market, or as a needed dose of adrenaline when they find their business lagging.

Recently, he has created “The Whiteboard Workshop” as a tool to give businesses and their leaders the most intense, productive, and exciting day that their business has had in years.

American Express and their Centurion Card Concierge have referred to Dave as the “best partnership person we know” and “the King of Tickets” for his ability to help navigate the complex world of global ticketing.

About Booking Protect

We are a customer focused, technology driven refund specialist, helping our clients increase customer satisfaction while delivering a new revenue stream.

We operate worldwide and are trusted by clients of all sizes from small organisations to international brands. As members of an international broker alliance we can support our customer anywhere in the world.

Our market leading technology platform built by our in-house technology team gives us the flexibility to adjust to the needs of our partners whilst providing revenue maximising analysis.

As part of the Romero Group we benefit from over 20 years of knowledge and experience. As one of the UK’s leading insurance brokerages we hold the highly regarded and sought after ‘Chartered Broker Status’ putting us in the Top 3% of our peers.

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February 26th
10:00 EST