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The Language of the Sale:

10 Ways To Use Language More Effectively In Your Sales Process

Hosted by
David Wakeman
February 27th | 13:00 EST | Show in my timezone

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Here is What You'll Learn

Why Language Matters!

Don't just throw words around with no meaning and no thought to their impact on your sales message. Learn why using words wisely matters.

Call to Action Is Key!

Elevate your CTAs by understanding what the next logical step in your sales process looks like and asking for it.

Cadences and Consistency

Don't just be one and done. A "Hail Mary" isn't a great way to conduct your prospecting. Learn why you need to have a plan for connecting with your prospects.

Power Words

Don't use dull and lazy language, especially when you want someone to give you their money!

Testing and Feedback

Measure your messages to figure out what language is working and what language isn't working. And, understand why that matters!

Using Multiple Media

In today's world, you can't just rely on one method of contact to achieve your prospecting goals. You have to be confident and competent enough to use many tools and many media to reach your targets.


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February 27th
13:00 EST